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Fashion Magazine coverage of DK Designz

Fashion Magazine 2017

DK Designz Jewelry model
Lilly Melgar and DK Designz Jewelry
Ava Bianchi and DK Designz Jewelry
Christy McGinity Gibel and DK Designz Jewelry
John Hite and DK Designz Jewelry

For 15 years, I've poured passion into my craft, sculpting stories from the finest metals. Each piece is a testament to my journey, a fusion of skill and soul, creating not just jewelry but cherished memories in wearable form. 

I've created designs for Hollywood starlets including Actor Lilly Melgar, Actor Jane Lynch, Actor Jane Fonda, Reality TV Star Christy McGinity, Nickelodeon's Ava Bianchi, Instagram Icon Plastic Martyr,  and Radio Personality Kelly Rasberry.

My designs have walked the runway of Fashion Week and can be seen on live stage comedians and television shows like "The Ex-Wives of Rock."

I truly enjoy creating original designs that stand up over time. I started my craft by making jewelry for myself. It came out of a need to fit in. At the time, I worked in a large office of women who had more money than I did and had the ability to buy nice jewelry. I didn't have that. In an effort to make me feel good, my son found some old cogs and things laying around and he helped me to create my own little designs to wear. They were special and made with love. It was when people started asking about them and wanting something made just for them that I realized I had a craft I could help people enjoy. 

We began creating one of a kind designs for everyone who asked. We had so much fun and before we knew it, we'd saved enough to buy my son his first bike and I had a little extra to get a new work outfit. It's been several years now and he's grown and I've grown to expand the business a little more. 

I still create my original, unique body designs to wear for any occasion;  over t-shirts, dresses and bathing suits as well as photo sessions and special occasions. Earrings are truly my forte but I just love making jewelry to fit any fashion style. It's a love and an outlet.  ~ Donna

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