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Gold Chain Bracelet

Permanent Jewelry

Quality is #1

Our chain is authentic, using only quality metals for our chain. Not electroplated steel or aluminum.

Our gold chain is 'Gold Fill' - this is thicker than normal gold plated jewelry. The quality is higher and the material is stronger.

Our 'Sterling Silver' chain is 92.5% - the highest quality silver available. It is shiny and brilliant and will stand up to time.

You can be sure that your design will last with our beautifully vetted chain options.

Jewelry Designer

What makes DK Designz different?

We do NOT use coated, stainless steel or aluminum chain. You will find lots of chain options at differing prices and it is important to consider the material.

  • We only source our chain from quality certified jewelry vendors.

  • Our chain is built to last and comprised of pure metals.

  • We do not use electroplated or steel metal chains. 

There are less expensive options available but when you invest in permanent jewelry from DK Designz, you can feel confident knowing that the brilliance and quality will last.  

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry refers to a piece (usually a necklace, anklet or bracelet) that’s welded together instead of being secured with a clasp. This idea of permanence can add emphasis to the idea of ‘unfussy luxury’ by removing the clasp.


Our customers love the idea of a 'Forever Bracelet or Necklace' to both mark special occasions and to add a seamless, easy piece of fine jewelry to their everyday attire.


Whether you want to mark the birth of a child or a special event, maybe a reminder of someone you love or you just simply want to avoid the hassle of clasping and removing your jewelry daily; a piece of permanent jewelry may be a perfect solution for you.

Types of jewelry:

  • Bracelets are by far the most popular type of permanent jewelry. 

  • Anklets: Anklets are very similar to bracelets, though they usually need to be longer so they will cost a bit more.

  • Necklaces: The same goes for necklaces, which you can also get as permanent jewelry.

  • Rings: While plenty of people wear gold bands they never take off, a permanent ring is made from the same type of gold chain as other permanent jewelry pieces and is precisely fitted to the finger the same way we fit other jewelry pieces.

How much is it?

We use only the best quality and luster, jewelry chain. Whether it is gold or silver, you will have a beautiful piece to wear as long as you want. 

Our chain options include 18k - 24k gold fill chain and 925 sterling silver. Pricing  will depend on the length and choice of chain.


We charge by the inch. Most people will find that a bracelet will cost between $140 - $200 and necklaces will be $200 and up. We charge a min $60 for rings. 

We warranty our work for 30 days. If the chain comes off due to our link not holding, we will absolutely put it back on for no charge.  Broken chains are otherwise a $20 charge to reinstall.

Events & Parties

    • Special discounts for you when you book a Permanent Jewelry Pop-Up at your event! Just ask us how!

    • Discover a world of enduring elegance with our permanent jewelry collection. Elevate your look with any of our exquisite 18k Gold Filled Chain or our 925 Sterling Silver. Beauty that transcends trends and stands the test of time! Book Your Event Now

    • Click here to Book Your Appointment  at our Bella Nuova Spa in Downtown Bend.

How does it work?

After you pick your chain and any charms, our expertly trained designer will measure the perfect fit and weld it closed; around your neck or ankle or even your finger.


It’s that simple: Pick a piece, get it fitted, and get it welded. That said, especially since the piece does need to be fitted and adjusted by an expert, you will need to make an appointment ahead of time. 

Because children can be more energetic and tend to underestimate the delicacy of a couture chain, we do not place permanent jewelry on children under 16 yrs old. We will be happy to create one with a clasp, however. *charges apply

Sweet 16 • Parties • Celebrations

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