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Like a message in a bottle.... this necklace is a secret.

Morse Code necklaces are comprised of gold copper, rose gold, sterling silver and hematite. Each one is hand crafted and includes a card accompaniment to show how to read it. The pendants hang from 18" matching chain necklaces.


You can choose a pre-made word from the options or select your own word (up to 11 characters).


Morse Code is the representing of letters of the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks by an arrangement of dots, dashes, and spaces. Although, used in the 1800's, a new version known as the International Morse Code was devised by a conference of European nations in 1851. International Morse Code was used in World War II and in the Korean and Vietnam wars. It was used heavily by the shipping industry and for the safety of the seas up until the early 1990s.

Morse Code Necklace

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